Dreamweaver Summary part 4 - Library Items and Templates
> Using Library Items

I like VS.NET's user controls. They are super nice for establishing a common ui between pages (for things like navigation and boilerplate text). However, what I don't like about User Controls is that the don't have a visual aspect to them when they're inserted on a page. DW has a similar notion of User Controls, called Library Items. Library Items make it easy to group contiguous html elements, add them to an asset list, and use them on any page. The difference is that you actually see them layout on the page when you use them in DW. User Controls in VS.NET only show you a grey box that represents the grouping of elements. There is no relation between the size of the box and the size of the element group.

> Using Templates

A template is a base document you can use to create other documents from, ensuring you have a unified look and feel to your web site. It is a feature that doesn't exist in VS.NET 2003, although I understand it's supposed to be in VS.NET 2005. DW does templates very nicely. One of the nice things about the template implementation in DW is that you can specify optional, reepeating items. With optional items you can even specify conditions to control whether the optional items are included or not (maybe they should be conditional items). DW also allows you to specify editable tag attributes. This allows for more flexibility when creating pages from the templates.


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