New programming paradigm?
I've been spending time up in the ASP.NET newsgroups and it's interesting to me that this seems to be the most active of Microsoft's newsgroups. On a random day like today there were 34 new unique posts with an average of 3 responses per post. In the Winforms newsgroup there were only 9 new posts. Another indication is the amount of community help given in the asp.net newsgroups. In the asp.net newsgroup most posts have at least one response. In the winforms newsgroup it seems more the rule that posts go unanswered. Maybe the asp.net is a self-selecting group which seeks out newsgroups for support because they're more comfortable using the net. Or maybe there is a bit of a paradigm shift in application development.

Another article of note about the asp.net newsgroup is how many of the issues are about configuration of IIS and the .net framework. It suprises me how much of a problem distribution and setup of the .net framework continues to be.


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