Why MVC?

Casual web developers will probably stay with webforms. you switch to mvc when any of the following are important enough to switch:

  1. You are unit test developer (use test first design) are tried of webforms "fake" and complex event model.
  2. Are writing lots of javascript and tired of id's changing, and want standard html components.
  3. Want better seperation of view and controller code.
  4. Want a ruby on rails coding experience (mvc is easier with a dynamic language like ironpython, ironruby or javascript)
  5. You are commited to the mvc pattern, and want a supported platform
  6. You switched to jQuery (see #3)
  7. Your web site is going to be large and complex.

What are the disadvantages?

  1. No UI designer tools for it at this point.
  2. Requires good understanding of anonymous function and lambda
    expressions to take full use of it.
  3. Coding is harder with a highly typed languages like c# and vb.net,
    but dynamic style features are being added to these languages.
  4. Requires you know the mvc pattern and has a littler longer learning
  5. Doesn't attempt to hide the stateless nature of a web site from the


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