iPhone Core Data Services - Web Services, JSON, Notifications, and User Defaults
    •    Web Services
    ?    Your application and the Cloud
    ?    Store and access remote data
    ?    May be under your control or someone else's
    ?    Services exposed via RESTful interfaces with XML or JSON
    •    XML
    ?    Options for parsing
    ?    libxml2
    ?    NSXMLParser ? Event driven API: simpler but less powerful
    •    JSON ? JavaScript Object Notation
    ?    More lightweight than XML
    ?    Looks like a property list
    ?    Open source JSON-framework wrapper for Objective C
    •    Apple Push Notification
    ?    Show badges, alerts, and play sounds without app running
    ?    Minimal server infrastructure needed
    ?    Preserves battery life: 1 versus n TCP/IP connections
    ?    Uses JSON underneath
    ?    Using the Service
    ?    Create the web service
    ?    Get a certificate from Apple for the server
    ?    Register with the service (sounds, badges, alerts)
    ?    Send token to your server
    ?    Send notifications
    ?    Receive notification
    •    NSUser Defaults
    ?    Convenient way to store settings and lightweight state
    ?    Arrays, dictionaries, strings, numbers, dates, raw data
    ?    Settings bundles can be created so that user defaults can be set from settings app
    ?    Internally stored as property lists


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