I have a small business and would like a website. Where do I start?

Do you have a company brochure? A company logo? Anything that would contribute to telling the world about your company? This is where the web designer starts.

I have a nonprofit organization and have a limited budget. Can you help?

I like to extend special discounts to nonprofit organizations. I will help you in each step of the process to minimize your expenses.

I have a web site, but I'd like it to look more professional. Can you help?

Yes. As a web designer, I will examine your current site, discuss your goals, and work with you to make it look the way you'd like.

I have a web site, but I'd like it to be more interactive. Can you help?

Yes. I especially enjoy adding interactive elements to websites. I can add user names and log-ins to your site.

I've decided I want a web site. What do I need to do?

The following are suggestions to start with:

  • First and foremost, decide what goals you want to accomplish. Do you want to have just an online presence? Do you want a way to communicate with your customers? Do you want to provide some service to your customers? Do you want to sell products?
  • Organize your ideas and thoughts into Main Topics.
  • Think about what you want your web site to look like. Think about your current branding. This would include items like logos, colors, style, etc.
  • Make a list of websites you like. What do you like about them?

What's the difference between web design and web development?

Web design is focused on the stylistic aspects of a website. Designers concern themselves with color, graphics, typography, and page layout. Web development is focused on writing the code which underlies the business aspects of a website. Web developers concern themselves with databases, payment systems, security, and website administration.

Your prices seem inexpensive. Why?

I'm just starting out and I'm in the process of building an effective portfolio. Consequently, my early customers will get lower prices. As the demand for my services increases, my prices will rise accordingly. 

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