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HVTP - Hyper Video Transfer Protocol Wednesday, January 24, 2007 5:24 PM

I got a new video camera for my birthday in November and I've been reading and thinking alot about Digital Video. One of the things I really like about the camera is that it records directly to a 30GB harddisk. I connect it to my PC through a USB port and treat the videos as files.

I've also thought alot about Google's purchase of YouTube. I think it was a brilliant move on Google's part because it comes at the beginning of the coming wave of video on the web. Within 10 years we will be getting most of our entertainment over the web.

So, thinking about all this had made me start to wonder about the digital video file format. Right now, everything is streamed to the player alá music from a CD. It has always been to my dismay that more encoding of meta data hasn't caught on to CD's. While DVD's are better, I think that meta data should be allowed in the stream of the image, similarly to what HTTP allows for the text stream. I believe you should be able to have links appear in the video stream to other web pages, sound files, spreadsheets, even other videos. I think it should even have a similar name to HVTP - HyperVideo Transfer Protocol.

Just my little musing for the day.

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